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Low maintenance, high value! Answering 100 Mile’s call for new homes

100 Mile has an urgent need for new, quality housing, and Cariboo Ridge will be part of the solution
Cariboo Ridge will bring much needed new housing options to 100 Mile’s aging supply. Visit to learn more!

The District of 100 Mile House Planning Department has identified an issue: if 100 Mile House is to continue to be sustainable, it will need more housing. Existing homes are ageing out, and modern families expect more from their homes. New homes are urgently needed, which is why the Planning Department encouraged the development of Cariboo Ridge.

Lasting Value

Cariboo Ridge will bring much needed new housing options to 100 Mile’s aging supply. If you’re used to the high maintenance expenses and escalating utility costs of older houses, you’ll be amazed at the monthly savings when you buy new.

“Everyone in the construction industry is dealing with the inflated price of lumber and other materials, but even with those higher expenses our homes still bring incredible value,” says Deborah Petersmeyer, Project Manager for Cariboo Ridge. “The quality in today’s homes is head-and-shoulders above construction standards from decades’ past. That means it will cost less to heat your home in winter, and you don’t need to worry about replacing the roof or repairing the foundation.”

Home prices at Cariboo Ridge are more affordable than similar developments in the region, so you’ll get great value. And all construction will be handled by a BC Housing licensed builder, which means your home comes with national home warranty coverage. You can’t get that kind of peace-of-mind with a ‘second hand’ home!

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Home grown

Cariboo Ridge is proud to be working with Titan Built Construction,

a local builder that has serviced the Cariboo for over 10 years. All homes will also be built in partnership with local suppliers, using local lumber and other materials whenever possible. That means the project will boost the community from the inside and out, bringing new investment to the economy’s bottom line and creating new opportunities for growth.

“Titan has a long list of successes in the Cariboo, including current projects with Williams Lake First Nation, Toosey Community Hall and gorgeous residential homes in places like South Canim Lake and Lac la Hache,” Petersmeyer says.

Petersmeyer has recently moved to 100 Mile House so she can give hands on guidance to clients throughout construction. When home owners and contractors have questions, Petersmeyer is in the neighbourhood and ready to help. You can reach her at to learn more about this exciting new development. Also part of the team is local eXp Realty realtor, Adam Dirkson. He can be reached at 250-706-3757.

Move in by Christmas!

Construction on the first phase of Cariboo Ridge begins this summer, which means the first residents will be able to come home for the holidays.

Learn more at

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