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108 golf resort ‘breaking records’

The 108 Mile Golf Resort welcomed 450 visitors during the August long weekend.

The 108 Mile Golf Resort is seeing record numbers of golfers this summer, with 450 visitors during the August long weekend alone.

Operations manager Lee Hansen said the resort is welcoming an average of 130 golfers per day this year, despite opening later on April 25 due to COVID-19. Typically the resort would find it hard to “crack 100” golfers per day, Hansen said, and credits the influx to international travel restrictions and a new summer promotion at the resort that allows kids under 16 to golf for free.

Golfers were initially restricted to one cart per person but are now allowed to share if they feel comfortable. All carts are washed and sanitized before being rented again.

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“Everything is doing well. This year it’s just crazy,” he said. “It was kind of a slow start but in the second half of June and July, it’s been really busy. We’ve just been breaking records.”

Golf sales have also been through the roof, he said. “A lot of people are saying they’re not going to Mexico this year so they may as well buy new clubs.”

The resort, which had initially closed its hotel and restaurant earlier this year because to COVID-19, was fully booked during the long weekend, at both the hotel and campsites, Hansen said. COVID-cleaning protocols are in place at the hotel, with hand sanitizers in the front and back lobbies, while all rooms are left for 24 hours before being fully cleaned, including steam cleaning the couches. The restaurant is open for take-out only.

Meanwhile, plans for a new conference centre at the resort have been postponed to next year because of COVID-19 but Hansen said work is ongoing on new tee boxes on the golf course and building new decks on the resort. There are also plans to build an additional 14 new campsites on the old conference centre site this fall.

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