Youngsters grapple for medals at Wrestlemania

Ref Mylissa Widdoes

Ref Mylissa Widdoes

Wrestlemania, hosted on Feb. 18 by the 100 Mile Wrestling Club, kept three mats sweaty all day in the Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School gymnasium.

Spectators filled the stands to cheer on participants at the annual elementary school tournament, which included wrestlers in Grades 4-7 from Mountview and Glendale Elementary schools in Williams Lake, and Horse Lake, Mile 108 and 100 Mile House Elementary schools in the South Cariboo, along with members of the host club.

In all, 130 wrestlers competed for medals and had a good time in the process, says Donri Dykstra from the 100 Mile Wrestling Club.

“This tournament was for having fun and getting some extra practice for the School District 27 finals.”

The finals take place March 4 at Glendale Elementary in Williams Lake.

Wrestlemania included everything from novices to those as well seasoned as one can be in elementary school.

The required skill sets were obviously there and are the combined product of determined athletes and coaches who are dedicated to their young charges and to the sport.

Results for the day for South Cariboo schools were:


Grade 4-5 Boys

Group 1 – David Beck, 100 Mile Wrestling Club (OMWC), gold; Colton Lang, Mile 108 (108), silver; and Clayton Danilkiewicz, 108, bronze.

Group 2 – Jacob Cutler, 108, gold; Lane Paddison 108, gold (tie) and Peter Peterson, 108,      silver; and Cole Larson, Horse Lake Elementary (HL), bronze.

Group 3 – Cameron Mitchell, 100 Mile Elementary (100), gold tied with Ethan Fitzpatrick, 100; James Ford, HL, silver; and Elton Klassen, HL, bronze.

Group 4 – Ethan Hatch, HL, bronze.

Group 5 – Cameron Ardiel, 108, silver; and Dylan Williamson, HL, bronze.

Group 6 – Dylan Carr, 108, gold; Cory Mapson, OMWC, gold; Kirby Ford, HL, gold (three-way tie); and William Morrison, 108, bronze.

Group 7 – Liam Meger, HL, silver; and Alex Buurmeester, HL, bronze.

Group 8 – Mitchell Hooper, HL, gold; Tanner Hooper, HL, silver; and Christopher Cruickshank, HL, bronze.

Group 9 – Logan Parent, HL, gold.

Group 10 – Nick Martel, HL, silver; and Joel Fischer, 108, bronze.

Group 11 – Luke Jewitt, HL, gold; and TJ Gagnon, HL, silver.

Group 12 – Brayden Glen, 108, silver.


Grade 4-5 Girls

Group 1 – Sydni Poggenpohl, 108, gold; Darbie-Dee Barnbrook,  HL, silver; and Mackenzie Larson, 100, bronze.

Group 2 – Olivia Poggenpohl, 108, gold; Karisma Hopson, HL, silver; and Nicole Varney, 108, bronze.

Group 3 – Cheyanne Gauthier, 100, gold; Hailey Villeneuve, 100, silver tied with Beverly Rahn, 108; and Alanyah Buurmeester, HL, bronze.

Group 4 – Hailey Collins, 100, silver; and Thea Sarver, HL, bronze.

Group 5 – Taiya Young, 108, gold; Anya Levermann, 100,  silver; and Nicole Cooper, 100, bronze.

Group 6 – Sarah Bonner, HL, silver; and Adrienne Gardner, 108, bronze.


Grade 6-7 Boys

Group 1 – Wyatt Bishop, HL, gold; and Alex Van Dorpel, 100, bronze.

Group 2 – Daven Mapson, OMWC, bronze.

Group 3 – Jordan Jansen, HL, bronze.

Group 4 – Rory Cornelius, HL, silver; and Kayde Crossen, HL, bronze.

Group 5 – Aydin Barnbrook, HL, bronze.

Group 7 – Alex Gagnon, HL, gold; and Brandon Jamieson,  100, silver.


Grade 6-7 Girls

Group 1 – Dayna Meger, HL, gold; Katelyn Cleave, HL, silver; and Sarah Lambert, HL, bronze.

Group 2 – Naomi Benson, 100, silver.

Group 4 – Tiana Dykstra, OMWC, gold; Katya Levermann,  100, silver; and Michaela Mosher, 100, bronze.

Group 5 – Lily Honeywell, HL, gold; and Alanna Chamberlain, HL, bronze.

Group 6 – Ainsley Dewsbury, 100, gold; and Delaney Spears, 100, silver.



Noah Dykstra, OMWC, gold; and Dominic Paco, HL, gold.