Wranglers got a good start on signing up volunteers

Still room for a lot more as many hands make light work

Don Fisher

Don Fisher

The 100 Mile House Wranglers Junior B Hockey Club’s volunteer fair at the South Cariboo Rec. Centre on July 18 got off to a brisk start, but slowed down after the first hour or so.

However, club president Tom Bachynski says the turnout was about what he expected.

“It started out with a bang, as there were people waiting here at four o’clock for us to show up, which is typical for this sort of thing.”

He adds the committee chose to start at 4 p.m., so people who were coming off shift work or ending their work day could come down to the arena to sign up for one the many volunteer jobs before they went home for dinner. It meant they wouldn’t have to come back into town to sign the volunteer sheets.

“Unfortunately, the weather is pretty good, so I think there is a lot of lawn mowing being done.

“But that’s OK. We know there is a lot of interest in the team and this isn’t the best time of the year to garner volunteers because were not a priority in the front of their minds.”

Bachynski says the club will be holding more sign-ups until they get as many volunteers as they need.

“We know they’re out there and we know they want to volunteer. We just don’t who they are right now and we just want to identify who they are and then away we go.”

Noting people are into vacation mode right now, the club president says he is confident folks will start thinking about junior hockey when the Wranglers’ Main Camp comes to 100 Mile House, Aug. 18-20.

“I think this is when people will see the hockey team is for real; the ice will be in, the jerseys will be in and the smell of hockey will be in the air.

“Then the volunteers will start coming in, and we’ll get them coming in from now until then as well.”

Volunteers – who are they?

Don Fisher was one of the people who signed up as a volunteer on July 18.

In fact, he signed up for two jobs – to monitor the penalty box and work in the refreshment garden.

“I just want to help out and do what I can.”

Fisher has been a hockey referee for 12 years and says he is looking forward to seeing this brand of hockey coming to 100 Mile House.

Fan turnout is going to be important for the club, he adds. “I think we need to have good turnouts at every game.”

Fisher says he thinks having the Wranglers in town will be a big boost for minor hockey. “I’m looking forward to it.”