Local teams at top of Men’s Bonspiel

Teams show different tactics and styles in a 100 Mile House Curling event

The 100 Mile House Curling Club’s 58th Annual Men’s Bonspiel on Jan. 20-22 attracted as many out-of-town teams as it did local rinks.

Seven visiting rinks provided different competition and different styles of curling and strategies.

Teams came from Clinton, Mission, Williams Lake, Quesnel and Kamloops.

100 Mile House Curling Club vice-chair Ken Kelly says it was a “great curling weekend.”

“There was some excellent curling. The teams were solid and most of the games were very competitive.

“I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and we had some really positive feedback.”

During the bonspiel, teams received cash prizes after every game, and the winners of each event final won jackets.


A-event final

Bill Pratt of 100 Mile skipped his team – third Richard Minato, second Bob Berke and lead Rich O’Brien – to first place with a 6-3 win over skip Ed Ney of 100 Mile, third Lorne Folk, second Gord Smith and lead Peter Grenzer.


B-event final

Shane Doddridge of Williams Lake skipped his crew – third Gordon Smith, second, Kelly Powell and lead Grant Green (all from 100 Mile) – to first place with 7-2 victory over skip Tom Dall of Clinton, third Hans Dall, second Wayne Marchant and lead Rollie Higginbottom.


C-event final

Ron Bisaro of Williams Lake skipped his team – third Todd Jenson, second Moe Monitia and lead John Hoyrilt – to a 5-1 win over Kamloops skip Kevin Ihlen, third Cyril Johnson, second Rob Irving and lead Keith Johnson.

The 100 Mile U18 team played well and finished fourth in the B event.