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High jump record broken at South End meet

Students showed athletic prowess and sportsmanship
Dylan Hicks

The South End Interschool Track Meet featured a full day of track and field events for students aged 10 in 100 Mile House, June 9.

Hosted by 100 Mile House Elementary School, vice-principal Jim Price organized the event. He says the weatherman co-operated and it was great day for the event.

"The fierce competition  among competitors and their excellent  sportsmanship made for a great day of entertainment for parents and students alike. A  big thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success."

One record, set in 1985, was broken, and it came in the 13-year-old female high jump.

Keyanna  McNeil of Mile 108 set the new record 1.40 metres.

Nine elementary schools participated, including Buffalo Creek, Bridge Lake, Forest Grove, Horse Lake, Lac la Hache, 100 Mile, Cariboo Christian, Eliza Archie Memorial School and Mile 108.

Large schools:

Mile 108 (108) captured first place in the large-shools category. 100 Mile  House Elementary (100) was second and Horse Lake Elementary (HL) placed third.

In the small schools category, Bridge Lake Elementary (BL) finished first, followed by Buffalo Creek Elementary (BC) and Cariboo Christian School (CC) in second and third respectively.


Female aggregate winners: 10 years, Madelaine Martin, HL; 11 years, Sydni Poggenpohl, 108; 12 years, Katya  Levermann, 100; and 13 years, Keyanna McNeil, 108.


Male aggregate winners: 10 years, Dylan Carr, 108; 11 years,  Dylan McNeil, 108; (tie) 12 years, Cooper Uphill, HL, and Sean Mason, 108; 13 years, Devin Martin, HL; and

14 years (tie), Ben Ryan, HL, and Brandon McCourt, Lac la Hache Elementary (LLH).


Results are from first through third.

Female age 10

100 metre: Madelaine Martin, HL; Sienna Monical, 108; Hannah Lindner, 100 Mile.

200 metre: Martin, HL; Lindner, 100; Monical, 108.

800 metre: Martin, HL; Melany Sanford, HL; Valeria Pineda, 100.

High jump: Monical, 108; Olivia Gulliman, HL; Pineda, 100.

Softball throw: Makenzie Larson, 100; Tayler Binns, CC; Sierra Selle, Forest Grove (FG).

Long jump: Maria Betuzzi, 108; Martin, HL; Sanford, HL.

Standing broad jump: Lindner, 100; Betuzzi, 108; Sanford, HL.


Female: age 11

100 metre: Courtney Cave, 100; (tie) Sydni Poggenpohl, 108, and Ocea Gunn, HL; Olivia Poggenpohl, 108.

200 metre: S. Poggenpohl, 108; Cave, 100; Gunn, HL.

800 metre: Gunn, HL; O. Poggenpohl, 108; Lydia Kinasewich, 100.

High Jump: Taiya Young, 108; Moriah Zailo, HL; (tie) Ashley Holyk, 100, Lauren McLean, 100.

Shot put: Zailo, HL; Sarah Miller, 100; Grace Rayfield, 108.

Long jump: Gunn, HL; Cave, 100; S. Poggenpohl, 108.

Triple jump: S. Poggenpohl, 108; Young, 108; Gunn, HL.


Female: age 12

100 metre: Caily Mellott, 100; Kira Saenger, FG; Katya Levermann, 100.

200 metre: Mellott, 100; Levermann, 100; Natalie Ballan, 108.

800 metre: Mellott, 100; Kaily Lund, 100; Shelby Faulkin, BC.

High jump: Ballan, 108; Levermann, 100; Chantelle Walters, 108.

Shot put: Tanisha Davis, 100; Natalie Dallas, 108; Sara Newstead, HL.

Long jump: Levermann, 100; Ballan, 108; Morgan Briand, BL.

Triple jump: Levermann, 100; Lund, 100; Briand, BL.


Female: age 13

100 metre: Keyanna  McNeil, 108; Tianna Dykstra, 108; Brooke Martin, 100.

200 metre: Dykstra, 108; McNeil, 108; Martin, 100.

800 metre: Katrina Hesse, 100; Caitlyn Ray, HL; Linnea  Bedford, LLH.

High jump: McNeil, 108, Dykstra, 108; Hesse, 100.

Shot put: Julia Hedtfeld, BC; Kelsey Daniels, Eliza Archie Memorial School (EAMS); Sarah Zailo, HL.

Long jump: Dykstra, 108; McNeil, 108; Cassidy Gagnon, HL.

Triple jump: McNeil, 108; Dykstra; 108; Gagnon, HL.


Male: age 10

100 metre: Cameron Ardiel, 108; Dylan Carr, 108; Tanner Hooper, HL.

200 metre: Ardiel, 108; Jacob Cuttler, 108; Hooper, HL.

800 metre: Lane Paddison, 108; Ardiel, 108; Dylan Kelsey, FG.

High jump: Cuttler, 108, TJ O'Laney, 100; Kelsey, FG.

Softball throw: Carr, 108; Paddison, 108; O'Laney, 100.

Long jump: Colton Lang, 108; Carr, 108; Cameron Mitchell, 100.

Standing broad jump: Carr, 108; Pascal Glanz, 100; Mitchell, 100.


Male: age 11

100 metre: Dylan McNeil, 108; Justice Vose, HL; Curtis Craig, 108.

200 metre: McNeil, 108; Vose, HL; Hunter Swalwell, 100.

800 metre: Reid Collinson, 100; Luke Jewitt, HL; Swalwell, 100.

High jump: Curt Campbell, 100; Noah Peever, 100; Mason Sanders, HL.

Shot put: Vose, HL; Tyler Yelich, 108; Campbell, 100.

Long jump: McNeil, 108; Vose, HL; Mitchell Wilden, 100.

Triple jump: McNeil, 108; Dylan Williamson, HL; Mitchell Hooper, HL.


Male: age 12

100 metre: Cooper Uphill, HL; Caleb Paterson, 100; Reid Davidson, 100.

200 metre: Davidson, 100; Uphill, HL; Brandon Balbirnie, 100.

800 metre: Balbirnie, 100; Davidson, 100; (tie) Caden McMillan, BC and Trevor Moore, BC.

High jump: Sean Mason, 108; (tie) Kean Kellermier, 100, and Brandon Mercier, 108; Nick Loiselle-Plourde, 100.

Shot put: Aydie Barnbrook, HL; Mercier, BC; Nick Rotluff, BL.

Long jump: Uphill, HL; Sean Mason, 108; Cameron Caldwell, BL.

Triple jump: Mason, 108; Kellermier, 100; Caden McMillan, BC.


Male: age 13

100 metre: Devin Martin, HL; Coletin Lane, CC; Tyler Glover, 100.

200 metre: Martin, HL; Trystan Sanderson, 100; Glover, 100.

800 metre: Martin, HL; Peter Peterson, 108; Brandon Moore, BC.

High jump: Austin Appleby, 100; (tie), Tyler Glover, 100, Jason Vogel, BC, and Devin Martin, HL; Jessie Ackerman, 108.

Shot put: Lane, CC; Eli Jaeger, 108; Moore, BC.

Long jump: Glover, 100; Lane, CC; Martin, HL.

Triple jump: Sanderson, 100; Harry Gale, HL; Glover, 100.


Male: age 14

100 metre: Brandon McCourt, LLH; Ben Ryan, HL; Cameron Gallaher, HL.

200 metre: Ryan, HL; Gallaher, HL.

800 metre: Ryan, HL; Gallaher, HL.

High jump: McCourt, LLH; Ryan, HL.

Shot put:  McCourt, LLH; Gallaher, HL.

Long jump: McCourt, LLH; Gallaher, HL; Austin Briand, BL.

Triple jump: Briand, BL, Ryan, HL; McCourt, LLH.