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Fun and Frolic action packed

Tammy Schuurmans

The 100 Mile & District Outriders Club had a busy weekend hosting its annual Fun and Frolic horse show June 4-5 at its grounds behind the arena in 100 Mile House.

Much of the event saw two rings running simultaneously, with Saturday featuring dressage and hunter/jumper events and Sunday, English and western flat classes, dressage and classes for miniatures.

Results for the show, with classes and winners from first to third are:


Dressage (Saturday)

Walk/trot test 2: Linda Poel; Linda Poel; Sylvia Karl.

Walk/trot test 3: Tegan Payne; S. Karl; Carolyn Dobbs.

Training level test 1: Kimberly Garvin; K. Garvin; Jillian Gregory.

Training level test 2: C. Dobbs; Julianne Trelenberg; Tammy Schuurmans.

Training level test 3: Schuurmans; C. Dobbs; 3. Jan Kidston.

First level test 1: Gregory; C. Dobbs; Andrea Dobbs.

First level test 2: C. Dobbs; A. Dobbs.



Cross poles hunter: Mackenzie Nelson; Schuurmans.

Pony hunter -  2'  to 2'3": A. Dobbs; M. Nelson.

Welcome hunter 2' to 2'3": Gregory; A. Dobbs; M. Nelson.

Schooling hunter: Gregory; Kidston; Schuurmans.

Hunt Seat Equitation: Kidston; Gregory; Trelenberg.

Working hunter: Garvin; A. Dobbs; Gregory.

Handy hunter: Gregory; Jessie McMillan.

Working hunter 2'9" to 3': Garvin; Kidston; McMillan.

Welcome Jumper: A. Dobbs.

Schooling Jumper: A. Dobbs; Kidston.

Fault and out jumper: Garvin.


Dressage (Sunday)

Walk/trot test 2: C. Dobbs; Payne; Sarah Eaton.

Walk/trot test 3: Eaton; Payne; C. Dobbs.

Training level test 1:  Alexis Brown; Payne; Mackenzie Nelson.

Training level test 2: Schuurmans; Schuurmans;  Payne.

Training level test 3: Schuurmans; Schuurmans;  Andrea Dobbs.


Miniature classes

Showmanship: Joan McNaughton; Martina Berger.

Halter: McNaughton; Karen Wares; Berger.

Beginner hunter: Berger; Joanne Seabloom.

Open hunter: McNaughton.

Hunter championship: McNaughton; Berger; Seabloom.

Beginner halter obstacle: Seabloom.


Flat classes (Sunday)

Hunter seat equitation beginner rider: Kennedy Nelson.

Hunter seat equitation - junior/intermediate: Hailey Blattler; Payne; Gregory.

Hunter seat equitation - senior:  Stephanie Daoust; McMillan; Schuurmans.

English pleasure pony: K. Nelson; A. Dobbs.

English pleasure green horse: Schuurmans; McMillan; Ingrid Atkinson.

English pleasure - junior: Blattler; Gregory; Payne.

English pleasure - intermediate: A. Dobbs; Brown; Garvin.

English pleasure - senior:  Kidston; Daoust; Amber Crutchley.

Open English pleasure stake: Daoust; Blattler; Kidston.

Road hack - 15'3 & under: Schuurmans; McMillan; Daoust.

Road hack - over 15'3: Kidston; Garvin; Wares.

Show hack - 15'3 & under: Schuurmans; Gregory; McMillan.

Show hack - over 15'3: Garvin; Wares; Brown.

Hunter under saddle - 15'3 & under: Schuurmans; McMillan; Blattler.

Hunter under saddle -  over 15' 3: Kidston; Garvin; Crutchley.

Lead Line: Tie for first - Hunter Atkinson; Jessabelle Atkinson-Trelenberg.

Western horsemanship - junior/intermediate: Zaria Hayes; Blattler; Caily Mellott.

Western horsemanship - senior: Theresa Tremeer; Daoust; Wares.

Western pleasure - green horse: Ingrid Atkinson; McMillan; Jordyn Karl.

Western pleasure - junior/intermediate: Hayes; Veronica Blattler; H. Blattler.

Western pleasure - senior: Tremeer; Daoust; Dawnna Monks.

Open western pleasure stake: Daoust; Tremeer; Monks.

Command class: Hayes; Tremeer; McMillan.

Western riding horse: Tremeer; V. Blattler; McMillan.

Reining green horse: Cassidy Mellott; Nicolle Dupont.

Reining - intermediate: Blattler.

Reining - senior: Monks.

Trail /handy horse: Tremeer; Hayes; Daoust.