Blue Steel number 1 in female hockey league

Female hockey league has another great season in Lac la Hache

The South Cariboo Female Hockey League iced its last game at its home rink at the Rolf Zeis Memorial Arena in Lac la Hache on March 5.

Rocky’s Sandblasting-Lac la Hache Race-Trac Gas Blue Steel took first place after a successful season, which featured four all-female teams.

Players in the league ranged in age from 16 years to more than 50 years, and they played every Monday night in Lac la Hache.

Members of the winning Blue Steel team were Rosey Myer, Jenni Tanner, Ashley Bartsch, Janice Poggenpohl, Jazmine Storvold, Leanne Heales, Gale Ogden, Bev Fry, Chelsea McQueen and water girl Robin Fry.