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A new motocross track for 100 Mile House

The grand opening is aimed for the end of May.
Brandon Plewes, president of the South Cariboo Track and Trail Dirt bike Association, said the association wanted to give youth a place to go and stay out of trouble.

100 Mile House will no longer be without a motocross track.

The community has been without a track for more than two decades, but construction of the new one is underway. The track will be located in the old track location at the 99 Mile Snowmobile Club grounds.

“I started a motion for a new track about a year ago,” says Brandon Plewes, president of the South Cariboo Track and Trail Dirt Bike Association. “It has taken that time to get all of the legalities finalized and now we are finally building it.”

Plewes says the association has received an immense amount of support from the community to get the track built.

“Many businesses have helped with funding the track, but also supplied the equipment we need to make it happen,” he says.

The association wanted to give youth a place to go that keeps them out of trouble. Plewes says that is what drove them to make the track happen.

“When we came up with the idea, it was more about what we could do to help the community and help the youth,” he said. “The founding members are all very passionate about the sport and we all grew up riding dirt bikes.”

Plewes added that a new track will give families and younger generations something to look forward to.

The track is going to consist of three different phases, the first being a motocross track, which will include a pee-wee section.

“Our biggest focus is the safety of the track. We want everybody to be able to enjoy it and want to come back.”

The second phase is going to be an enduro cross track. The enduro cross track is more technical. It’s obstacle-based. Those obstacles could include tires, rocks or logs to manoeuvre around while riding the track.

Its third and final phase will be a trail system that is going to be mapped and signed.

“We are going to have formal mapping and signage within the trails adjacent to the track,” Plewes said. “Whether you are a visitor or local rider, you will know what trails are good for the family and what ones are for more experienced riders.”

Plewes adds that they are aiming to have the track officially open for riding by the end of May. Membership prices will be finalized in the coming week.

“None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for all of the support we have received. The association would like to thank everybody who has helped,” said Plewes. “We are excited to finally have motocross back in 100 Mile.”

For more information, visit their Facebook page: South Cariboo Track and Trail Dirtbike Association.

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