2016 Little Britches Rodeo results

Riders from across British Columbia competed in 100 Mile House

Sam Harvey of Forest Grove put in a great effort in Junior Boys Steer Riding at the 2016 Little Britches Rodeo in 100 Mile House on May 22. Harvey scored a 60 on his steer

Sam Harvey of Forest Grove put in a great effort in Junior Boys Steer Riding at the 2016 Little Britches Rodeo in 100 Mile House on May 22. Harvey scored a 60 on his steer

Jeremy Hannaford

Free Press

The 100 Mile & District Outriders Arena was the site of the 50th Annual Little Britches Rodeo during which young cowboys and cowgirls from around British Columbia came to compete on May 21-22.

Despite some rain, it didn’t hinder the turnout for competitors. The event had 120 entries in a large variety of rodeo competitions. There was also a good number of volunteers who assisted with the events.

Special events between the competitions included the Cariboo Cowgirls Drill Team riding performance, Denise Little and Barb Brown breast cancer awareness presentation with the song Tough Enough to Wear Pink, and the trailer raffle won by Richard Plewes from 100 Mile House.

There was also the addition of the new clown- and goat-chase events for children under nine years, which were a great hit.

Both riders and spectators were happy with the recently enlarged arena.

Below are the results from the two-day event.

All Around Winners for both days:

Junior girls: winner, Taylor Fitchett; reserve, Hailey Ambler.

Junior boys: winner, Turner James; reserve, Ryder Barth.

Senior girls: winner, Taya Hamming; reserve, Taylia McKeown.

Senior boys: winner, Lincoln Yarama; reserve, Cordell Pinchbeck.


Day 1

Placings will be from first to third.

Junior girls:

Barrels: Fitchett, Gracie Garthwaite, Macey Freemantle.

Poles: Ambler, Freemantle, and Garthwaite.

Goat Tail Tying: Shayl Jardine, Kelsey Starrs, and Garthwaite.

Dummy Roping: T. Fitchett, Nevada Jones, and 3/4/5 split, Ambler, Ashlyn Wade, and S. Jardine.

Junior boys:

Stake Race: Cruise Schneider, Kale Mikkelson, and Turner James.

Goat Tail Tying: Ryder Barth, Soren Anderson, and Corben Marchiel.

Dummy Roping: Turner James, and 2/3, Schneider, and S. Anderson.

Steer Riding: no qualifying rides

Senior girls:

Barrel Race: Taylan James, Fallon James, and Elly Farmer.

Pole Bending: Allanina Proctor, Hannah Cady, and Hamming.

Goat Tying: E. Farmer, McKeown, and Hamming.

Breakaway Roping: Hamming.

Senior boys:

Stake Race: Matthew Hunter, Ryan Roberts, and Clay Farmer.

Calf Tying: Yarama, Cordell Pinchbeck, and Wyatt McCullough.

Breakaway Roping: Yarama, and Justin Mitchell.

Chute Doggin: Cordell Pinchbeck, Roberts, and Jacob Bond.

Coed Steer Riding: Cordell Pinchbeck, Bond, and Wyatt Smith.


Day 2

Junior girls:

Barrel Race: Fitchett, Taylor Anderson, and Ambler.

Pole Bending: T. Anderson, G. Garthwaite, and Fitchett.

Goat Tail Tying: 1/2, G. Garthwaite, and Freemantle, and 3/4, Ambler, and S. Jardine.

Dummy Roping: Freemantle, Fitchett, and Jordyn Jardine.

Junior boys:

Stake Race: 1/2, Turner James, and Schneider, and Gage Rawlings.

Goat Tail Tying: Schneider, and 2/3, R. Barth, and C. Marchiel.

Dummy Roping: C. Marchiel, Turner James, and R. Barth.

Steer Riding: Charile Michel, and Sam Harvey

Senior girls:

Barrel Race: Marina Jardine, McKeown, and Fallen Jones.

Pole Bending: A. Proctor, Hamming, and M. Jardine.

Goat Tying: Hamming, McKeown, and 3/4, E. Farmer, and Camryn Mitchell.

Breakaway Roping: Rayelle Robinson, F. Jones, and Hamming.

Senior boys:

Stake Race: Tryton Bose, C. Farmer, and Jalen McRae.

Calf Tying: Yarama, Roberts, and Cordell Pinchbeck.

Breakaway Roping: Yarama.

Chute Dogging: Yarama, Brock Everett, and Conway Pinchbeck.

Coed Steer Riding: Isaiah McRae, Smith, and McCullough.

Contestant draw (all entries): Fitchett.

Safety Draw (wearing a helmet): McCullough.