Wendy Foster lines up a shot while golfing at the 108 Mile Golf Resort in 2018. File photo.

108 Ladies Golf Club in full swing

Golfers attempt to beat resort owner’s overall score

Members of the 108 Ladies Golf Club decided to try their hands at beating a pro last month.

Few people know the 108 Golf Resort better than its manager, Lee Hansen. An avid golfer of the course, Hansen’s score is what the club uses to measure themselves to see who could come the closest to beating him on June 22.

Hansen was just able to hold the ladies at bay with his overall new score of 33. Sara Porterfield just missed matching him with a score of 33.5. Following closely behind her were Barb Perry and Darlene DeAngelis, tying for second place with a 34.5. Darlene Weigelt took third with a score of 35.

The rest of the ladies also golfed a respectable game with Joanne Garrow and Laverne Martin scoring 36.5, Shelly Larson and Carla Tetreau with 37 and Judy Scarrow and Sharlene Anderson ending the day with 38.

Wendy Foster and Maureen Pinkney, however, were able to beat Hansen on two holes. On Hole 15, Foster finished after making only two strokes while Pinkney did the same on Hole 12.

Several players also tied on Par 3 holes. Scarrow, DeAngelis and Pinkney managed this on Hole 10 while on Hole 15 Annie McKave and Sara Porterfield repeated this feat. Hole 12 saw the most action with Carol Ohlund, Clara Koehn, Scarrow, Georgia Westbrook and Anderson completing it in three strokes.

As a result of all this competition, there were four birdies made, with each winner taking home $7 each. These included Garrow, Pinkney, Foster and Porterfield.


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