Fall is the perfect time to check that your bat box is well-attached, water-tight and clean, ready to offer a safe roosting site for bats in spring. (Habitat Acquisition Trust photo)

Trick or … a weed pull? Ways to help Cariboo bat populations at risk

Bat-friendly landscaping can help bats at Halloween

  • Oct 22, 2022
For Brigid Mueller, the experience at Educo has always been about more than just the time spent in nature. She has been able to grow personally and find commonalities amongst others, despite their differences. Raven Nyman photo.

Former student spends her summer giving back as Adventure School volunteer

Brigid Mueller says the real Educo experience is about personal reflection and self-development

The dragonfly cabin at the Educo Adventure School is one of the oldest buildings onsite. Raven Nyman photo.

Educo celebrates 50 years of learning and growing together

‘We’re all here for a very similar reason, which is not money’