Cariboo Fire Centre-Important Update

Hot, dry weekend with gusty winds expected-use extreme caution

The Provincial Wildfire Co-ordination Centre has issued the following release in anticipation of the upcoming weekend:

Specifically in the Cariboo, we are expecting a hot and dry weekend, with gusty winds, says Cariboo Fire Centre (CFC) fire information officer Natasha Broznitsky.

Additionally, in many areas of the CFC, grass and other brush is curing (turning brown) and, therefore, becoming more volatile, she says, adding cured grass and brush allow fires to ignite and spread more easily.

“Late in the weekend, parts of the Cariboo, particularly the west, may receive dry lightning in addition to gusty wind conditions.”

The forecasted weather conditions, along with curing grass and brush, allow fires to start and spread more easily, Broznitsky explains.

Currently, the CFC is allowing campfires and Category 2 fires. Category 3 fires are prohibited throughout the Cariboo Fire District.

Although campfires and Category 2 fires are allowed throughout the fire centre, given the weather and curing of grass and brush, Broznitsky and the CFC are urging anyone using a fire or spending time in the backcountry to use extreme caution.

To report a wildfire call 1-800-663-5555 or dial *5555 on your cell phone.