Wife disappointed with phone call

Husband attack unfairly over flooded driveway issue

To the editor:

I would not normally speak publicly about something personal, but I feel that my husband has been publicly and unfairly attacked.

My husband, Wayne Durk, is the senior road foreman for Interior Roads. Shortly after 7:30 p.m. on May 29, he received a call from the answering service regarding a flooded driveway. My husband called the home owner to get more information.

I have listened to Wayne take these calls for years and I could tell this was a difficult call.

The homeowners were obviously very agitated. A number of people were in the background of the other line contributing to the conversation.

Wayne requested they give him more specific information, so he could have someone come and look at it. He told them he wouldn’t be able to come himself as he had had a couple of beers while he watched the hockey game.

At this point they hung up on him. Wayne forwarded the complaint to his supervisor who then investigated it.

The homeowners also called Al Richmond and said “that drunken employee” in reference to my husband in this conversation.

As though this story wasn’t ridiculous enough, two of the women began posting nasty remarks about my husband on Facebook. They also posted his name and phone number from their call display.

Wayne wasn’t at work and he wasn’t on call, so I’m not sure why he needs to defend himself for any of this.

Also the driveway was inspected by two Interior Roads employees and one employee from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The flooding was found to be because of the homeowners neglect to clear their driveway culvert.

I have been listening to my husband take these calls for several years and generally people are not like this. I am so disappointed in this behaviour from neighbours and a public representative.

Marguerite Durk

Lone Butte