Public already embraced digital technology

Smart meters not a problems - misinformation is the problem

To the editor:

I find claims of widespread public resistance to digital smart meters more than a little bit suspect.

The public embraced digital technology long ago – everything from cell phones to free Wi-Fi to any number of digital devices and services in their lives. People actively seek out digital devices and gladly stand in line to be the first ones to have the latest thing.

Yet, according to some, the public is supposedly rising up in spontaneous opposition to digital smart meters in favour of keeping ancient mechanical meters that date from the early days of the rotary dial phone. That makes no sense.

Where is the logical, or even the remotely believable, basis for claiming there is widespread opposition to digital smart meters? Practically everything in our lives has become digital, and without opposition.

Clearly there is some special-interest agenda at work that seeks to keep an inaccurate, cumbersome, labour-intensive technology like mechanical meters in place rather than allowing the public to enjoy the benefits of a better, more cost-effective way of doing things, such as digital smart meters.

In short, the notion that well-informed people who already make use of, and fully enjoy, the convenience of digital technology in every aspect of their lives would somehow be opposed to digital smart meters, and the accuracy and convenience they offer, simply doesn’t stand up to reason or scrutiny.


Mike Taylor

Port Moody