Prosperity rejection based on facts

B.C. Liberals compromised by taking donations from mining companies

To the editor:

Legislation or political will cannot change geology, topography, water tables, salmon spawning runs, or seepage in ground water.

These are some of the factual reasons the Prosperity mine was rejected for the second time.

In 1995, the federal government told British Columbia and Taseko the mine would not be approved because of the damage and contamination issues. The government’s decision was based on scientific evidence and a factual report.


With little or no environmental concerns, the B.C. Liberal government has waived the project through.

This same government says Fish Lake is one of the Top 10 fishing lakes in B.C. Is fishing now not important?

Taseko plan #2 is in direct opposition to their previous proposal wherein they stated it was impossible to save Fish Lake. What facts or geology has changed?

Taseko has donated more than $100,000 to the local MLA and the B.C Liberals. This completely compromises anything the B.C. Liberals say about the project.

I did not see our MLA (Donna Barnett) at any of the environmental panel meetings to speak up.

A Taseko director was with Teck Cominco when they donated over $400,000 to the B.C. Liberals between 2005/09.

There are numerous mine projects underway that passed the environmental standards and two are in proposal stages. These will provide employment for some B.C. residents, but likely will provide most for out-of-province and out-of-country employees, much as it is now.

I openly challenge you (Donna Barnett) to a public debate on the two rejections of Prosperity. Just you and me with a mediator in an advertised public space. Let’s see if you have any facts straight.

We pay our MLAs to represent all constituents, but now companies like Taseko or Teck Cominco pay the B.C. Liberals by political donation. You can’t have both.

Gary Young

Lac la Hache

Editor’s Note: Cariboo-Chilcotin received a $5,000 donation during the 2013 provincial election campaign.