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NDP win in Alberta problematic

A lacklustre show by Premier Rachel Notley could hurt Horgan

Dear Editor:

British Columbia NDP Leader John Horgan says he is pleased the NDP won the provincial election in Alberta.

Horgan now has a couple of problems on his hands because of this NDP win in Alberta.

One is that the new NDP Premier Rachel Notley wants the Kinder Morgan pipeline to be built. Horgan, on the other hand, does not want this pipeline to be built.

The other problem is that if Notley receives an unsatisfactory report card after two years in government in Alberta, which will be 2017 and when B.C. voters will have a provincial election.

A bad report card will have to be absorbed by Horgan and the B.C. NDP, once again keeping the B.C. NDP in opposition status.

Joe Sawchuk