Natural for bears to be seeking fall food

Use rubber bullets, bean bags to deter hungry bruins

To the editor:

There has to be a better way of dealing with bears in a community.

A mother bear and two cubs were shot at 4:30 in the morning underneath a resident’s bedroom window. There was nobody in danger as they were only eating apples, as bears are expected to search for apples in September and this was no exception.

Statistics online state it is extremely rare that a black bear with cubs will attack. It is solo predator males that attack.

The conservation officer (CO) saw fit to kill two mother bears and three cubs within a week.

Why can’t rubber bullets or bean bag projectiles be used as a deterrent instead of slaughter?

What happens to the bear carcasses that have accumulated over the summer and fall?

What are the statistics on the kills COs initiate?

P. M. Foss

Lac a Hache