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LETTER: Parents need to step up for soccer association

An open letter from Werner Heine to 100 Mile soccer parents
Werner Heine, the president of the 100 Mile House Soccer Association, is resigning at the end of this season. (Patrick Davies photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

An open letter to soccer parents

The 100 Mile House and District Soccer Association, where your children are registered to enjoy soccer practices and games, is in desperate need of board members.

Last year we had three board members resign, one for personal reasons and two because of work assignments in another town. We did, however, gain one board member, Veronica, but only for a short time. She will also resign at the end of this season since her husband has been transferred out of town.

So we are again three short.

To add to the situation I will resign from the position of president at our upcoming annual general meeting. I have been on the board for over 20 years and my wife Janet and I plan to travel and spend more time with our grandchildren. Therefore, she will also resign from the board.

This leaves two people, Shawnna and Cate. The association will not be able to function if we do not have some parents step up to help run the program.

We will have an information table set up every Saturday in September where parents who are able and willing to step up can discuss options, roles and the commitment required. At least one current board member will be available to answer questions.

We will also have an open board meeting on Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse, 600 North Birch Ave., where we can discuss the situation further. If we do not get sufficient interest to help shape and run the association going forward, we will be forced to call a Special General Meeting in October to decide whether we will be able to have a season next year or not.

If there are sufficient volunteers stepping forward in September to keep soccer alive in 100 Mile House, then I will commit to staying on the board for one more season to help with the transition.

However, I will not be president as somebody with younger blood than me, ideally with kids in soccer, needs to fill that required role.

This is what we have going for us:

- 300 kids benefit from the program

- Committed coaches

- One of the most beautiful soccer parks in the province

- Exceptional sponsorship support in the community. We have a waiting list to sponsor teams. Where else is that happening?

- Over 43 businesses sponsored us with banners this year, more than in any previous year.

- A referee program that teaches rules along with self-confidence and pays youth referees.

- Coaches and referee training that is provided at no cost for participants.

In closing, our association was started by parents of soccer-playing kids, carried over the years by parents of soccer-playing kids and it will have to be the same way going forward. There is nobody else to do it!

For comments or questions, you may approach any board members.


Werner Heine, president of the 100 Mile House and

District Soccer Association