Justin Trudeau apology waste of time

Letter writer thinks the Prime Minister should pay attention to justice system

To the editor:

Re: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic apology on behalf of the federal government on May 18.

So, what other idea is Justin Trudeau going to dig up then apologizing for something that happened 102 years ago?

Why was former prime minister Stephen Harper’s apology during a speech in Surrey in 2008 not good enough?

One Abbotsford resident witnessing the event said he got “goosebumps” hearing the apology.

I get “goosebumps” with anger when I see and hear the horrifically lenient sentences given by the Courts today to violent, blatant murderers. Come on now, the likes of three to eight years for brutally murdering another human being is inexcusable indeed.

Why does Trudeau not pay more attention to such matters?

What gives me the good kind a “goosebumps” is when I watch people of all colours, race and origins work together to make this world a better place for everyone.

The everlasting digging up of negatives from the past does little more than wasting precious time.

Gertie Pool


Editor’s note: The apology was for Canadian officials turning away 376 Indians, mostly Sikhs, who chartered the Komagata Maru, when they arrived on the shores of British Columbia. Officials refused to allow them in the country arguing they were violating immigration laws even though they were British subjects just like every other Canadian at the time.