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Everything good with medical centre food

Barnett charges NDP critic distorted facts about food changes

To the editor:

Elected officials have to have a fairly thick skin most of the time, but it really does bother me when

politicians use scare tactics to make hard-working people fear for their jobs.

I'm talking about NDP Agriculture Critic Lana Popham who distorted the facts after a decision by Interior Health to change meal preparation at 100 Mile District General Hospital.

During a special summer session at the legislature in July, Popham spoke about 100 Mile House and

stated, "That kitchen is being shut down by the government."

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are no changes to food services staff at the hospital. It is completely irresponsible and

unprofessional for elected officials to evoke fear in a community by spreading misinformation about the jobs of my hardworking constituents.

That is not leadership. That is fear-mongering for short term political gains.

The change came about because health authorities are required to monitor nutrition and patient health,

especially when it comes to sodium levels in hospital food.

While main entrees will now be prepared off-site, the menu changes will actually allow current staff to

focus more time on preparing meals for patients and residents with specific dietary and texture needs,

especially for those who have challenges swallowing.

Other menu items, such as salads, sandwiches and breakfast items will continue to be prepared on-site

at 100 Mile District General Hospital, Mills Site Lodge and Fischer Place.

Furthermore all health authorities in the province go to great effort to source locally grown British Columbia agricultural products for hospital food like chicken, beef, eggs and in-season produce wherever and whenever possible.


Donna Barnett, MLA