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EDITOR: Thanks to 100 Mile ‘Angels’

A letter to the 100 Mile Free Press
100 Mile House as seen from Highway 97 in the fall. (Patrick Davies photo - 100 Mile Free Press)


To the young Angels of 100 Mile House in the grey car a week before Christmas.

I own a home in the Travellers Trailer Court and I was fixing some Christmas lights I had hung on the picket fence bordering my home. To paint the picture I use a wheelchair as a mode of transportation.

As I was reaching over the fence to replace a bulb that was burnt out, the front wheel of my wheelchair broke off, spindle and all. Down I went, my arms got severely bruised and cut on the pickets of the fence. So there I was, flipped out of the wheelchair, in the snow and slush on the ground flailing like a fish out of water. I have one good leg and the other is artificial (prosthetic) which made the struggle even harder.

After a few minutes, which seemed like a heck of a lot longer, a car drove by. It stopped, backed up and three young girls got out and came to my rescue. They helped me up and over to a bench on my porch. They asked if I was okay and I assured them I was.

They said I was welcome as I thanked them so gratefully and they went on their way. It is really a treat to know that there are some really nice young people in 100 Mile House.

I would be glad to have you contact me so I can reward you gals with a nice dinner or lunch on me, at the local eatery of your choice.

Signed truly and sincerely,

The old gimp you helped.

Kelly De La Mare

100 Mile House