Doucette unhappy with reporting

Proponents used their own money, holidays to lobby in Ottawa

To the editor:

Recently, I was in Ottawa lobbying support for the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project.

Upon my return, I read in many publications (not Black Press) that our group was possibly funded by outside sources. In the same publications, we were also called ignorant.

I can’t believe a newspaper or online publication would print such dribble without first fact checking. I would like to set the record straight.

Not only did each individual pay their own way, some of us used this time against our holiday time. I have all the receipts and would be more than happy to show them to anyone who asks.

I can only hope the opponents who have gone to protest against the mine would be as forthcoming.

Also, instead of calling us ignorant, it would have been far more productive to invite us to meet and discuss options and solutions. Our group would be more than happy to accommodate such an idea.

But no, it was far easier to throw out insults.

This is a big opportunity for our community. We should be rejoicing and parading up and down the streets celebrating an economic future and jobs.

Let’s reopen some schools, let’s keep our community together and at home. This project is needed and we should embrace the opportunity presented to us.

Let’s go to work.


Len Doucette

108 Mile Ranch