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B.C. Liberal government applauded

Single Parent Employment Initiative a move in right direction

To the editor:

Raising a family isn't easy.

As British Columbians, we all come from different places in life and we all face different obstacles that we have to overcome. For some of us, we need a little extra help to get our families over those hurdles and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

That's why I applaud the recent B.C. Liberal, which will give 16,000 parents the opportunity to get trained up for quality jobs without affecting their income assistance.

The program covers education costs for approved training programs, transportation costs to and from school, and basic child-care costs during job training.

Creating quality jobs is the best thing we can do to protect and secure our families’ futures. As a taxpayer, I understand government needs to support those in need. But I also expect those who are able to work to find good jobs and become contributors to our economy.

With this initiative, I believe government has struck the right balance and will help people become self-sufficient in supporting their own families. It is a win-win that in the long run will benefit our communities and make B.C. stronger.




Michael Bulva

North Vancouver