Work smart and be safe

Ranching is considered to be one of the highest risk groups in the agriculture industry.

March 13 -19 is Canadian Farm Safety Week and the BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) reminds all ranchers to work smart and be safe.

While ranching as an occupation and lifestyle is both satisfying and rewarding, injuries and illnesses on the job can have a lasting effect on everyone involved.

“Most accidents are preventable and predictable,” says Kevin Boon, BCCA general manager.

Boon knows firsthand how quickly accidents can happen.  Years ago, while hooking up his tractor to the PTO shaft, his rain slicker became entangled.

“Doctors gave me a 20 per cent chance to keep my arm. It is only through sheer stubbornness, and the extraordinary efforts of my doctor that I have the full use my arm today.”

The cost to ranch workers and their families can be devastating not only physically and financially, but also emotionally and socially. No amount of compensation can make up for lost health, lost peace of mind or, worse, loss of life.

The BC Cattlemen’s Association asks ranchers and farmers to slow down, take the time to think about the task at hand.