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Two homes lost in 108, none in 100 Mile

Power has been restored to 103, 108
Watson Lake as seen on day 2 of the Gustafsen fire. Max Winkelman photo.

Two homes in the 108 proper have been lost due to wildfires according to Cariboo Regional District Chair Al Richmond.

“I went down and walked both properties because we need to verify the address and who owns it, because you don’t want to make the mistake of telling someone they lost their home and being wrong about it. I did manage in the last hour to contact both homeowners to speak to them,” says Richmond.

According to Richmond some ranch properties were effected, but they’ve been too dangerous to get into.

“We know there’s some ranch properties lost, but until we can actually get into them, and quite frankly the people who have to do that for us are too busy fighting fires so we don’t want to divert them from that,” they won’t be able to get firm numbers and contact homeowners.

Richmond says all the damage was confined to that two block drive.

“For the most part while people have some scorched grass and some trees, some may have some melted vinyl siding, they’ve all been pretty fortunate that their houses are pretty much intact. Only two structures have been lost.”

Richmond had positive news for the 103 Mile area.

“As far as I know, the 103, the bulk of it down the trailer court… there’s been nothing damaged. There may be further out and until I get the details on that, it’s pretty difficult to speak about. The bulk of the homes there’s no structure loss so I’m gonna try and get those numbers for people as quickly as I can so we can relieve the anxiety, but far as I understand there’s been very little damage at the 103 Mile.”

No homes or structures have been lost in 100 Mile House according to Mayor Mitch Campsall.

Richmond also says power has been restored to the 103 and the 108 Mile areas.

“That’s one step out of the way when we can let people go home, if nothing happens further.”