Stat Can distributes National Household Survey

National Household Survey important for planning and funding

Residents in the random group of 4.5 million (one-in-three) Canadians recently asked by Statistics Canada to participate in the federal National Household Survey (NHS) may want to note it is now underway.

People who received a request to participate in the NHS with their recent 2011 Census package, but haven’t already completed the form online using their secure access code, should have received NHS forms mailed early June, or expect to get them soon.

Although participation is voluntary, Peter Liang Canada Census communication manager for B.C., says the information collected in the NHS is critical to communities for planning family services, such as child care, schooling, housing, roads, public transportation and employment skills training.

It is also used for determining and funding important government programs targeted at special populations, such as seniors, aboriginals and low-income families, he notes.

“Even though Canadians have a choice of completing this survey, we strongly encourage [those who] are in the one-in-three households sample, to take some time to fill it in.

“This is really the one chance in the next five years to gather very important information about your community because the 2011 Census only has 10 questions.”

Compared to the fairly basic Census, Liang says there is a whole host of information on the NHS, which replaces and expands on the previous, mandatory long-form Census.

He adds the NHS includes 63 questions on immigration, aboriginal status, ethnic origin, labour market activities, religion, education, housing, commuting and income.

The online forms can be completed at, which also details the reasons why the questions are being asked.

Respondents who need more information can also call the Help Line at 1-877-308-2777, or TTY users may call 1-866-753-7083.