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Protestors press for unity and end to vaccine mandates

A wide variety of people attended a meet-and-greet in support of the Freedom Convoy

About 80 demonstrators lined the highway and gathered at the South Cariboo Visitors’ Centre Saturday for a meet-and-greet in support of the Freedom Convoy.

Spirits were high among the supporters, as the protest in Ottawa entered its second week. The group was out for a variety of reasons: to support the truckers, to support the convoy, to call for the end to vaccine mandates, and to protest the government as a whole. Podcaster Cameron McSorley said the event was a decentralized movement and had no official leader.

“There’s a lot of people that are here because they know that something is wrong and they don’t know what to do, but they do know if we all stand united we’re going to make a difference,” McSorley said. “The whole world is watching Canada right now and what’s wrong is our leaders, our servants, are trying to be our rulers.”

Kay Gibson, 76, said she came out to the last three demonstrations because she was against the vaccine mandates.

“I just do not like the way things are going with vaccinating children and I am afraid for my grandkids. I do not like the mandates,” Gibson said.

Gibson argues some of her daughter’s friends have been fired for refusing to disclose their vaccine status or get the shot, which she said is an infringement on their rights.

Charity Adair, a mother of three, is also opposed to vaccinations for children. She was there Saturday to support the truckers in Ottawa and call an end to vaccine mandates.

“We just want to be free. We want to make our own choices and I don’t think the government should overstep,” Adair said.

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