Pipeline replacement project at 108 Mile

Spectra Energy natural gas line upgrade now underway

Almost a kilometre of three-foot diameter natural gas pipeline is currently being replaced by Spectra Energy in 108 Mile Ranch at 105 Mile.

Some 900 metres of the pipeline will be replaced in an undeveloped area just north of Watson Lake, west of 105 Mile Lake, south-east of Block Drive and south and west of Kinncum Place.

Work on the project began on Aug. 11 and is expected to continue until sometime in October.

Spectra Energy spokesperson Jenn Thomlinson says the company has communicated with area residents about the project since early summer.

Keeping the local community informed about nearby work is critical. In addition to meeting with landowners, we held an open house on June 18 at the 108 Mile Ranch Community Hall. This was a chance for local residents to learn more about the project and ask questions.”

About 22 local residents attended that open house, she notes.

They heard that the project will meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and National Energy Board requirements, which is the reason for the replacement.

Information provided in a brochure handed out by Spectra explains how Canadian standards involve different class designations for pipelines based on the number and types of homes and other buildings nearby. Therefore, as the density of structures increases near the pipeline, class designations may change, Thomlinson explains.

She notes as a result of population/development growth in the area, the section of pipeline in 108 Mile Ranch has moved into a higher category on the class location code.

“The pipeline replacement in 105 Mile is part of Spectra Energy’s ongoing pipeline integrity and maintenance work, and not the result of degradation. This work is a proactive approach to safety as well as to meet class location codes as set by the CSA.”

She adds these codes also require companies to ensure their pipeline meets certain design specifications based on the its location and what else is located in the vicinity.

Thomlinson is based in Calgary, but notes Spectra Energy community co-ordinator Sadie Cox is on location with the project in the 108 Mile Ranch, and can be reached at 250-373-7033 or by e-mail at mcox@spectraenergy.com.

“Community members are welcome to reach out to Sadie if they have any questions about the project.”