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MP states past year expensive for taxpayers

McLeod: Liberals ‘digging us deeper into a hole of their own making and Canadians are worried’

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Cathy McLeod says the past year has been a very expensive one for taxpayers.

When I reflect on the one year anniversary of the Liberal government, I’m struck by their record of economic mismanagement, higher taxes and sense of entitlement,” says McLeod.

Justin Trudeau began breaking promises almost immediately after taking office.

His modest deficit actually turned into borrowing three times more than was promised. His pledge for a tax cut for small business and plan to make taxes revenue-neutral, simply haven’t materialized.

Now we need to prepare for a whopping CPP tax hike and a carbon tax is on the way.”

Despite all the spending done by this government, McLeod says the Bank of Canada, the IMF and the OECD have all downgraded their forecasts for Canada for this year and the next.

The economy is stagnant and good jobs are in short supply. Further, the cost of living is going up. It’s harder for Canadians to afford a home and new federal rules announced this month mean fewer will be able to get a mortgage.”

People who worked in the oil patch are suffering and those in the forest industry need to prepare for the repercussions from the failed softwood lumber agreement, she adds

From my experience, most governments would consider changing course at this point. It appears the Liberals are prepared to double down, ready to announce even more massive new spending in the coming week.

This government is digging us deeper into a hole of their own making and Canadians are worried.”