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If you like to knit then Knitted Knockers might be for you

Knitted Knockers are a lightweight, knitted alternative to traditional breast prosthetics

If you like to knit then Knitted Knockers might be for you.

After a woman has a mastectomy the area is usually very sensitive to weight and heat. Traditional breast prosthetics are not only heavy and hot but are extremely expensive so not everyone can afford to buy them.

Knitted Knockers are a lightweight, knitted alternative that is machine washable and can be worn anytime.

Knitted using Cascades Ultra Pima cotton, the prosthetics are absorbent.

“The name might be a little silly but the idea is amazing,” said Andie Giddings, owner of Impossible Knot yarn Shop on Birch Avenue.

Giddings became involved a few years back when a woman who makes them came by to ask if she would be a drop-off point for finished knockers. She began carrying five shades of cotton in basic skin tones at the same time. Anyone interested in a fun shade can get it special ordered.

When she reached out to the yarn company they waived the minimum order quantity required by new accounts after finding out what she was doing.

“Literally everyone from yarn to shipping, knitting, the charities that give the knockers to the other ladies. Everybody is amazing” she said.

If someone comes into the store looking for yarn she will give them a discount if they let her know it is for charity.

“It requires a little experience knitting as they are a little bit of work,” she said.

There are several different patterns available with the main difference between them being how the knitting is closed.

Gidding has access to both the Alberta and the Canada patterns and is happy to help a customer get a pattern if they want to make them for themselves.

The charity is run off the donations of the people who knit them in their free time to the stuffing and shipping.

The prosthetic itself is free of charge and can be ordered in a specific size or as close to it as possible.

They come open so stuffing can be added or removed according to personal choice.

“Some ladies also like to add a few of the plastic beans found in a stuffed animal to give the knocker a bit more weight,” she said.

After closing the knocker up it is simply pinned inside the cup of the bra.

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The charity also accepts swim knockers made of acrylic and stuffed with the material used in bath poufs.

Gidding encourages any knitters in the area to look into Knitted Knockers as they do not have many ladies making them at the moment.

“More would be lovely as they really are a great thing to have that support at a vulnerable time.”

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