GeoBC created series of free maps for pubic use

Provincial topographical base maps available in mobile format

Recreationalists and resource professionals looking for an easier way to explore British Columbia’s wilderness can now leave their fold-out maps at home.

GeoBC has created a series of free, high-resolution topographical maps specifically designed for viewing on mobile devices.

GeoBC’s popular Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) base map series has been redesigned to enable the GPS georeferencing functionality associated with mobile devices and allow users to zoom into small areas of the new maps without compromising detail.

More than 7,000 free maps covering the entire province (at a scale of 1:20,000) are now available as downloadable PDF files through GeoBC’s Base Map Online Store or through its popular KML viewer (with TIFF versions coming soon).

The attractive and easy-to-use maps feature elevation contours, roads, railways, airports, transmission lines, population centres, built-up areas, municipal and regional boundaries, lakes, waterways, wetlands, wooded areas, trails, campgrounds, coastlines, parks, protected areas, place names and local landmarks.

This new generation of TRIM maps is optimized for use on mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android tablets and Smartphones. The maps are “spatially aware,” so they show the user’s current location if the mobile device has GPS capability.

When users open a downloaded PDF map for their current location, their starting position is automatically marked and they can track their movements on the map as they explore the area.

To learn more check out GeoBC’s index of new 1:20,000 topographical maps (Google Earth overlay):

GeoBC homepage: