Decision May 14, 2013 Gary Young

Cariboo-Chilcotin candidate Gary Young answers Free Press questions

1. Do you support the development of the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project? Yes or No.

A. (Did not provide an answer in the Yes or No format.)

2. Would you work hard to get your government to open the closed beds at Fischer Place, so our seniors who need care do not have to be sent to other communities and separated from their spouses and families? How would you further support seniors in your community?

A. The closed beds at Fischer Place have been promised by the Liberals for several years. The funding is available. Identify new revenue streams and DIRECT these monies to Seniors care and opening the beds. One matter sadly lacking is the appreciation of the value of seniors in a community. I have expressed and promoted this extensively. I would work to galvanize seniors to organize concerns and promote this to govt and ministries.

3. What would you do to tackle poverty in the Cariboo-Chilcotin?

A. Address the taxes, fees, permits, prescriptions, MSP premiums paid by the less fortunate and eliminate these costs. We would need to show where poverty exists, why has it occurred, and what practical solutions there are.

4. How would you improve health care in this constituency and ensure the funding is available for your measures?

A. As previously advocated, the Cariboo Memorial hospital needs upgrades in lab facilities, Cat Scan/MRI operations, a Type 1 Trauma Center and a heli-pad. Cariboo Memorial serves a huge geographical area, travelling to Kamloops or Vancouver often isn’t possible or incurs much expense. Increase tax on all tobacco, impose an “import tax” on all alcohol coming into BC, legalize and tax marijuana and all these revenues go DIRECTLY to Health Care. Eliminate the onerous carbon tax on hospitals.

5. Would you vote in favour of increasing the Provincial Sales Tax or personal income tax?

A. No to increasing any sales tax but eliminating some such as property transfer tax and tax on used cars. Personal income tax should be eliminated on incomes under the poverty line. Before increasing income tax we need a baseline and a “why” explanation before proceeding.