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CRD implements recycling facilities

New bins installed at community solid waste sites

Residents who use the landfills at Watch Lake and Interlakes or the transfer stations at Lone Butte and Forest Grove may notice the new recycling stations being installed now.

At Lone Butte and Forest Grove, these involve a row of bright blue covered shelters with colour-coded signs indicating what may, or may not be tossed into the "mega bags" hanging inside.

Watch Lake and Interlakes stations have roll-off bins and signs because there are no paved landings to accommodate the mega bag pickup equipment.

Because the program requires only minimal sorting, Cariboo Regional District (CRD) solid waste management supervisor Tara Grady says users can dump rinsed-out containers in one bag and then all their clean paper, paper products and cardboard in another.

Lighter cardboard coffee cups and milk and soup cartons will go in with containers, such as hard plastics and tin cans, she explains.

Glass has its own bin, and so do soft plastic bags and overwrap, and plastic foam.

Foil-lined or hazardous goods containers, drinking straws, dishes, zip-up or snack bags, bubble wrap and other items as indicated on the signs are not accepted.

Staff is undergoing training now to assist residents with any questions, Grady adds.

CRD Area L Director Bruce Rattray says it is a joint program with Multi-Materials B.C. (MMBC), and sub-contracted to Green by Nature for pickup of printed paper and packaging for recycling.

Rattray says he is pleased it has been implemented, and that the simplified separation means it is easier than ever for his area residents to recycle, and that items such as Styrofoam and plastic bags are now accepted for local recycling.

"Assuming it is successful and people participate – which comes down to an educational issue – this has the potential to make a very substantial decrease in garbage going into the landfill."

CRD Area G Director Margo Wagner says she is pleased to see this installation now happening at Forest Grove, based on the success of the Lac la Hache pilot project.

"There will be full recycling at the Forest Grove dump in October, finally. So, that's coming to fruition."

Wagner notes more information on recycling options and a complete list of accepted items is online at