CRD approves development fee waivers

Bylaw changed for exemptions in extenuating cases

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) board has decided to modify a bylaw to allow it to waive development permit fees in certain circumstances.

At a recent meeting, area directors gave three readings and voted unanimously to adopt Development Procedures, Guidelines and Fees Bylaw No. 4852, 2013.

CRD chair Al Richmond says fees might also be partially waived, such as charged at 25 or 50 per cent of the normal fees, but this bylaw amendment “gives the board some latitude.”

The change is meant to allow fee waivers only as the board deems necessary, such as for a recent application for a second Development Variance Permit (DVP) for a property at 105 Mile Lake, which led to staff recommending the overall change.

In that case, he notes the developer was resubmitting an almost identical application as the first time, with only minor changes made to correct a small mistake.

“Basically, there was an error, it was .88 metres out, it was just silly … but we couldn’t say ‘yes it was no big deal if nobody objected to it’. But, the error, in this case, was not ours.”

The CRD didn’t have to do the sort of referrals it would have had it been a new application, Richmond explains.

“We still have to process an application again, but we don’t have to do as much work as we would have done if it had been brand new.”

The directors agreed to future fee waivers by board resolution in extenuating circumstances, including their approval for waiving the fee for this specific application.

“So, we have that option. It doesn’t mean we are going to [waive fees], it just means the board can consider it if it is warranted.”