Canim Lake folks turn wine bottles into wind chimes

The chimes are attractive and most pleasant to hear, each having a unique note depending on the length of the bottle

Yvette Stark

Yvette Stark

Dear Canimites:

So what do you get when you put seven ladies into Margo’s Cabin with some empty wine bottles, corks, fishing line, and odd scraps of wood?

Well, some great sounding wind chimes, that’s what.

First they scored the bottles around the circumference an inch or two or three above the base. Applying a bit of ice, they managed to pop the bottom off leaving a perfect-looking bottle but with no bottom.

A cork was then slipped into the neck and a line run through it, leaving enough at the top to hang the contraption, and enough below to tie a wooden clapper inside the bottle and a fancy wind-catching fob suspended beneath.

The chimes are attractive and most pleasant to hear, each having a unique note depending on the length of the bottle. Some will be up for grabs at the Community Club’s plant and bake sale on May 30.

Training for emergency

Two Canim Lake emergency medical first responders studied their manuals and took a weekend of update and hands-on practice at Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department Hall #1 to recertify as first responders for the department.

This must happen every three years. Louise Kerr and deputy chief Ron Lister passed all written and practical tests. They joined Manuela Boos of Hall #1 who qualified for the first time, and deputy chief Robin Clarke, chief Bob Felker, Colleen Felker and Cobina Parlee who recertified.

Canimites Margo Wagner and Sheila Hart are the instructors.

People news

* Congratulations to Richard Bergen on his nomination for Citizen of the Year. His name was put forward because of his outstanding service to Forest Grove and our community.

* Robert Brunet has started a new venture. Using a camera-equipped drone, he’s able to take photos from unique vantage points for folks wishing to create one-of-a-kind Christmas cards or (heaven forbid) advertise their place for sale. You can see a sample of his work at the Canim Lake Store or find on Facebook at Robert Brunet Aerials.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.