Canim and Hawkins lakes feeling cold tendrils of Old Man Winter

It’s a white wonderland out here, the air crisp and clear

Marion Kellett

Marion Kellett

Dear Canimites,

It’s a white wonderland out here, the air crisp and clear, and the winter birds thrashing the feeders.

Hawkins Lake is frozen over, while on Canim a rime of ice edges out from the shore, pushing the swans off the weed beds and on their way south.

Down at Mahood, the hibiscus are blooming and coconut trees … oops, sorry, that’s Maui.

In the night sky directly above, bright Capella shines down, unconcerned by the comings and goings of Canim, even Bev McGregor’s perfect night at crib. Capella is actually a binary system, two stars that gravity has locked into an intimate dance forever.

People news

Welcome to Troy Havens and Sarah Dionne from Kelowna who have moved to Sandpoint with their son, Brody.

The couple first saw the area years ago in conjunction with Troy’s work. They fell in love with the country – its lakes and camping opportunities – and have been coming back since to visit.

“This is where we want to stay,” says Sarah. Brody, who is aged 13, makes the daily commute by bus for Grade 8 at PSO.


Kelly Powell of West Fraser says 50 loads of logs a day will continue to flow out the Canim-Hendrix Lake Road until road closure takes effect next March.

Much of the wood is beetle killed spruce coming from Boss Creek and the Hendrix area. Pioneer, Henderson and McNeil are all involved in this haul.

Good thinking

As I stood in the hubbub of the grocery check-out line, my mind-numbed male ears perked up at a snippet of conversation between the cashier and the woman checking through.

“Food certainly is expensive now,” said the customer.

“Yes,” the cashier responded. “I compare it to the price of flour. When the minimum wage doesn’t buy a bag of flour, which it doesn’t, we’re in trouble.”

It felt good to know that I live in a community where people are thinking of each other’s welfare.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.