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Aging supports, Andre's sign and emissions

Following are the board highlights from the District of 100 Mile House council meeting on Feb. 10

Age-friendly update

Council formally declared the District of 100 Mile House as an AGE FRIENDLY Rural Community.

While the initiative has been underway since the plan cropped up 2011, Councillor Ralph Fossum noted it had not been considered to have progressed far enough to make this declaration until more recent actions gained some momentum.

Andre's signage

Council approved the development variance permit for a fascia sign to be installed at Andre's Electronic Experts, after district planner Joanne Doddridge confirmed no public comments were received.

Emissions report

The 2014 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) report was received by council. Doddridge had summarized the comprehensive report in areas of consumption, expenditures and GHG emissions. She noted expenditures, natural gas consumption and GHG emissions all increased last year, but were similar to 2012.

Canada Post cuts

A letter from the Canadian Union Of Postal Workers (CUPW) requesting endorsement of a resolution opposing Canada Post cutbacks was received by council at the Committee of the Whole meeting held the same evening.

No further actions were determined beyond its receipt.