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We discovered a healthy way to quench your thirst

Restore your body’s PH balance, improve your energy and cleanse your body.
Linda Jefferson

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This warm summer weather is sure to leave anyone parched, so why not quench your thirst while also improving your health?

New Generation Water will help you stay hydrated all year round while also providing the benefits of ionized, alkaline water.

Linda Jefferson, a nutritionist and owner of New Roads Nutritional Consulting in 100 Mile House, offers the water and says that it has a wide range of health benefits, including:

Restoring the body’s PH balance

Acting as a powerful antioxidant

Improving cellular hydration

Neutralizing acid in the blood stream that leads to increased oxygen levels

Removing toxins from the body

Improving energy

Improving metabolism

Cleansing the body

And much more

Linda offers refills and complete water service, including in-home water units and water bottle PH travel sticks.

As part of her nutrition consulting service, Linda helps her clients lead a healthier lifestyle and deals with weight loss, general aches and pains, long-term conditions and other obstacles to feeling well.

Before offering advice, she looks at each client’s unique health history and symptoms, and often conducts a blood analysis to find the root cause of the problem.

I look at my clients’ health piece by piece so I can discover how to help them,” says Linda, who became a nutritionist after finding alternative treatments for her arthritis that didn’t involve taking any prescription medication.

Feeling exceptionally healthy and symptom-free, Linda opened New Roads Nutritional Consulting in 2008 and moved to 100 Mile House two years ago.

New Roads Nutritional Consulting, which is located at #110-475 Birch Ave. in the South Cariboo Business Centre, has a large retail space where clients can purchase a variety of high-quality supplements, natural hair and skin products, baby products and more – all at competitive prices.

To speak with Linda or to book an appointment, call 250-706-9662 or e-mail