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Efficient, effective and powerful: The perfect tool for clearing Cariboo brush

100 Mile House contractor’s new machine attachment clears land with minimal ground disturbance
Most Wanted Contracting has a new machine attachment that’s perfect for clearing land. It cuts trees up to one foot diametre, and leaves branches and logs in tidy piles.

When you first set eyes on a property in the Cariboo it can be hard to see the forest for the trees — especially if you’re used to looking at land in the Lower Mainland. It can feel impossible to figure out where the house should go, and how to clear the land.

Ralf Baechmann has an eye for those details. He’s been developing properties and building homes for the last two decades: first in Germany, and then in 100 Mile House with his company Most Wanted Contracting. Now he has a new tool for clearing trees that’s perfect for small and larger properties in the South Cariboo.

“It started with my own property — I wanted to create more pasture for my horses, without taking down the mature trees,” he says.

Clearing small trees and brush by hand would take years, and the large machines of traditional logging are too expensive for an acre or two — plus they rip up stumps and disturb the soil.

“They make the whole property look like a battlefield, and it takes years to recover.”

So Baechmann started researching machine attachments, and eventually found a European manufacturer offering the perfect tool for the job. Then he purchased the perfect sized machine for the job, and started clearing his own property.

“It’s really quick. It cuts right at ground-level so you don’t have to rip out the stumps, and can handle trees, anything approximately a foot diameter. It also de-limbs the tree, so I can organize everything nicely into piles of branches, firewood and logs for lumber,” he says.

Most Wanted Contracting can take away the limbs and tops for burning or chipping, or leave neat piles on your property if you prefer. The same goes for the logs — use the organized stacks for other projects, or get Most Wanted Contracting to haul it away.

“It’s selective logging — it’s more careful, and perfect for smaller to larger properties that are too big for an arborist and too small for a logging company.”

Land and excavating services

Most Wanted Contracting does a lot more than clear land for pasture:

  • Driveways
  • Drainage
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire breaks
  • Fire mitigation
  • Right-of-ways
  • Laser excavating
  • Site prep for building
  • Fence post vibration

Make an appointment with Ralf Baechmann to discuss your project by calling 250-706-4706 or emailing

Ralf Baechmann of Most Wanted Contracting. His new machine attachment cuts trees right at ground-level, and de-limbs trees for easy clean-up.
Ralf Baechmann of Most Wanted Contracting. His new machine attachment cuts trees right at ground-level, and de-limbs trees for easy clean-up.