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100 Mile’s new home for all your hardware needs!

Hardware store opening April 4 is double the size, open 7 days a week
The bigger, better Century Home Hardware at 536 Horse Lake Rd. opens April 4! Owner Scott Tucker purchased the 100 Mile House store a year ago, and quickly made the decision to move to a bigger space.

When Scott Tucker purchased the 100 Mile House Century Home Hardware a year ago, he quickly realized the existing location was way too small.

“100 Mile residents deserve a hardware store with a full complement of products, displays and services. They had to drive up to my Williams Lake store just to see display items, but we wanted to bring that closer to home,” says Tucker, who co-owns Home Hardware stores in Williams Lake and Quesnel.

4 things you need to know about the new Century Home Hardware:

  1. It’s double the size: More space means more inventory, and more items on display instead of stacked in boxes. “We’ve added literally thousands of new item numbers to our inventory. We also have more inventory within the building, so we can offer customers better service,” Tucker says. That means most items can be found on the floor or in the back, instead of hiding in the warehouse across town or in the next truck order.

  2. There’s more on display: Throughout the store you’ll find more items on display, making fitting and testing much easier. “We’ve expanded our plumbing department dramatically — haven’t had any vanities on display in the past, but now we have a wide selection of vanities, medicine cabinets, toilets and faucets on display so customers can get a better sense of what they’re buying.”
  3. It’s open 7 days a week: For the first time, Century Home Hardware will be open seven days a week. The store has already expanded its morning hours to help building contractors find supplies before heading to the job site, and Tucker says they plan to expand their evening hours to help homeowners who need to pick something up after work as well.
  4. Opening April 4 at 536 Horse Lake Rd, Uptown Plaza: “It’s a great location, 60 seconds from the old store. Just cross the bridge and you’re right there at Uptown,” Tucker says. Staff are working hard to transfer stock from one location to another without disrupting customers. The old location will close on April 2 and the new location opens April 4, but Tucker is calling it a ‘soft opening.’ Be patient as staff pull together the finishing touches over the coming weeks, and watch for a Grand Opening celebration later this spring!

The new store includes an expanded outdoor garden centre, just in time for spring planting. Tucker says there are a few other surprises on the horizon, but you’ll have to keep visiting the store for clues! One thing that’s not changing is the fantastic staff you’ll find in store.

“I’ve been in Williams Lake for 19 years, but a lot of people in 100 Mile House haven’t met me yet. We’ve received so many positive reviews about our managers and staff — to me that’s the biggest compliment. Anyone can build a nice store, but it’s the staff who make for a memorable customer experience,” Tucker says.

Follow Century Home Hardware on Facebook for store updates, browse selection at or visit the new store in person at 536 Horse Lake Rd. starting April 4.