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Letter: Adversity often ‘brings out the best’ but not always

To the Editor

This letter is in response to the letter “Demand end to mask mandate, shop locally” by Sophia Jackson.

WOW! Am I ever glad that the views expressed here are those of a minority.

I know I speak for my 93-year-old mother, her three children, six grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Yes, Canada is a free country and Ms. Jackon has the right to express her opinion.

Yet, it is this generation she so casually finds expendable that has worked and sacrificed to secure this right.

I believe that adversity often brings out the best in us, but, sadly, sometimes the opposite is true.

I fervently hope the minority view she presents is in fact held by a minority of ONE. And, yes, when you can, shop locally and when you do, please wear a mask.

Peter Kruse

108 Mile Ranch

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