Bald Eagle by Bobbie Crane.

Bald Eagle by Bobbie Crane.

Fur and feathers aloft at Showcase Gallery

The Cariboo Artist’s Guild will celebrate animals this month

The Cariboo Artist’s Guild will celebrate animals this month in its latest group show, Fur and Feathers.

The show, featured at the Showcase Gallery in the South Cariboo Business Centre, is a menagerie of different art styles and animal subjects. The six contributors include Penny Bailey, who said the theme allowed artists to highlight their creativity.

“A lot of us don’t do birds often, so it was nice to try something new and challenge ourselves,” Bailey said. “I chose feathers for this show.”

Using a frame laced with chicken wire Bailey painted one of her mother hens with her clutch of chicks. Once she completed the painting, titled Who’s Counting, she mounted it on the frame creating “a floating image hanging off the chicken wire.”

Leslie Ginther, who specializes in painting loons, chose to bring An Uncommon Loon Relaxing to the show. Ginther said it depicts a red-throated loon, an unusual coastal waterfowl that is only seen in the South Cariboo in spring as it migrates north to Alaska.

A grizzly bear provided the inspiration for Sheryl Gauthier’s piece Sunset Stroll. Although they’re not common around 100 Mile House, she loves painting them and chose to depict her bear walking by a local lakeside.

“The show is so diverse. We have pets, we have wild animals and lots of feathers. A couple are people’s family pets, their horses, bears, mountain lions, we have a lot of variety.”

Fur and Feathers runs until July 5.

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Cougar by Bobbie Crane.

Cougar by Bobbie Crane.