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Win a surprise summer prize

Take a ‘Welcome Window’ walk to meet new folks and win a prize

By Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye

Go for a walk and stop to chat with local business owners.

It doesn’t get much easier than that to win a summer surprise.

There are more than 130 “welcomes” to choose from and children 12 years and under only need to find 10 of these painted signs. Folks from 13 to 100 years old need to find 25.

Families and child-care groups that like to work together get more entries into the draw. Just like the project itself, the scavenger hunt is inclusive and everyone can get in on the fun.

Participating in this contest is a great way to learn how to greet someone in another language or two. Folks will also learn more about their community.

Many of the participating window owners chose languages that represent their own cultural background. Some chose languages based on a loyal customer and some chose one that comes from a country they’d love to visit.

When you pop in to ask what language is on their door, be sure to ask why they chose it, too.

To be entered in the draw, record the names of the languages and businesses they are on. (Families or groups, please indicate how many individuals participated to get more entries.)

E-mail your list to:, or call Kimberly at 778-482-0090.

Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye is the Welcoming Communities co-ordinator.