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Wildfires and pandemic double whammy

Barbra Habsen’s weekly column
Duty officer’s car donated by Bruce and Barbara Dawson. (Terry Murphy photo - submitted),

Looking back at the month of August there were two huge issues: the wildfires and the pandemic.

Thankfully, the cooler temperatures helped the crews get the fires under control and evacuation alerts/orders were lifted allowing people to go home. The largest main concern, however, were the thunderstorms that kept passing through the area. There was even a lightning strike in my neighborhood that had everyone scrambling – thankfully Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department attended quickly and found there were no smoldering trees and the continuing rain over the next day or two looked after everything else.

The presence of water bombers was a daily occurrence with the largest number filling up at one time being six. Many photos and video clips of these bombers using our lake were shared and on one particular day the video clips definitely showed that some boaters were out on the lake. Those boaters were totally irresponsible and should have been fined, they were interfering with water bombers and putting the pilots at risk.

Unfortunately, the other issue - the pandemic - is still very real and circulating in our communities.

Just in the period from Aug. 1-28, there were 25 new cases reported for the 100 Mile House area. Water bombers can’t help this situation but we can all help by following rules - wearing masks in enclosed areas and getting a vaccine. This pandemic is just something that won’t go away on its own, it needs help.

The Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department extends a huge thanks to Bruce and Barbara Dawson for their generous donation of a duty officer vehicle. This vehicle was quickly put to work and was first at the scene of the logging truck fire on Aug. 6. The rest of the fire department was quick to attend once the assessment was called in.

Life at the Hale Ranch was both stressful and exciting as temperatures were rising. The ranch was on evacuation alert and Kerryann McKenzie knew something was up as all the pigs were very restless and unsettled. Ester, a prized sow, decided to surprise the ranch with a litter of piglets at the same time, now how exciting is that?!

Two visiting car cruiser clubs enjoyed the fish and chip specials and their favourite ice cream flavours twice in August. It is always a pleasure to have the clubs visit and support our local businesses.

Pam King and her gals have been working flat out during the month of August with catering jobs as well as keeping the coolers stocked and providing yummy daily specials. To date, the fundraiser has grown to a whopping $465- thumbs up for a job well done!

Pete Rees, from Pete’s House Homestyle Cooking, has also been kept very busy. His menu is varied and the reviews are very favourable. The advertising is great, everyone is informed about the special of the day via Facebook.

The Lac La Hache Elementary School welcomes Marnie Amiss as the new school secretary. Classes resumed on Sept. 8. Sept. 30 has been declared to be an annual holiday – to honour those Indigenous children who were lost and the survivors’ families and communities who continue to grieve.

Today I had the pleasure to meet our MLA Lorne Doerkson at the Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department Hall where he had been invited to draw the winning ticket for the 50/50 fundraiser draw.

Congratulations go out to Rose Marie Weiand of Lac La Hache, winner of the $15,000 cash prize. Many thanks to all people involved that make this fundraiser such a huge success. A job well done!

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Sally’s new litter of piglets at the Hale Ranch. (Kerryann McKenzie photo - submitted).