Warm fall weather has given swimmer extra time to paddle

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Helen Kellington and her dog

Helen Kellington and her dog

Dear Canimites,

Fine fall days have marched on in splendid procession, clear and warm with little wind.

The Hawkins Lake swimmers continued to take advantage of the lake’s warm surface layer until Sept. 23, “about two-and-a-half weeks longer than usual,” according to Anssi Rantamaa. June Clark, Peter and Heather Thomson, and Jason Manning, grandson of Ray and Marion Dixon, were in on the aquatic action.

Holding up the side for Canim Lake, Doug McGregor, who is in the 99th percentile for tolerance to ice water, still swims daily. He finds the temperature “comfortable” in a season that has gone “later than I’ve ever seen.”

Down on the Mahood Lake Riviera, the water is strangely colder. Says Phil Simms about swimming: “Not unless we have to!”


Helen Kellington’s art

The watercolours of Hawkins Lake resident Helen Kellington are on display during the month of October at the Showcase Gallery in the South Cariboo Business Centre in 100 Mile House.

She paints with vibrant colours, selecting subjects ranging from flowers to boats and buildings, and even a delightful cat. They are well worth viewing.

Helen started painting in the 1960s, but fell away from it as her careers in interior design and then architecture took off.  Now that her new home at Hawkins Lake is settling in, she is again giving time to her artistic talent.

There is an attractive “crispness” to her work, perhaps the natural consequence of her past professions. In the future, watch for more work of an abstract nature in addition to her renderings.


Learn CPR now

At the request of the Mahood Lake Community Society, Margo Wagner will be teaching CPR skills at the Forest Grove Fire Hall on Oct. 5.

Margo is the first responder instructor of the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department (FGVFD). There may be room for other participants, so if you are interested, call her at 250-397-0016.

There is no charge for this session. The training is not for CPR certification, but rather for members of the public who are concerned about their own preparedness for an emergency. There may be a second similar session before Christmas.


Good-bye dear friends

Two well-known couples are leaving Canim Lake this fall.

Friends gathered to say good-bye to Howard Young and Cindy Karl who are moving to the Ladysmith area, and to Dirk and Sylvia Schumacher who are returning to Germany.  Both couples express sadness to be leaving their friends and Canim Lake.

Dirk capped off his summer with a seven-pound rainbow trout caught from his dock.

Howard and Cindy look forward to more quality time with the children and young people in their extended family.


Bits and bites

• Several local gardeners are saying the potatoes were fewer in number this year, but a very good size. Toody Shirran says there were very heavy tops on the plants this summer.

Her chickens are happy, as they get all the garden greenery.  So are the egg buyers who get the wholesome eggs.

• Margo won a sleigh ride for the Community Club at the FGVFD fundraiser silent auction. The ride will come when the white stuff is down, courtesy of Twan de Kok, owner of Ruth Lake Lodge, and his team of big Percherons, Len and Hero.

FGVFD captain Ken Kerr says a larger VHF antenna is being installed at the Canim Lake Fire Hall to provide a stronger radio signal for all department communication, including 9-1-1 “page outs.”  This will ensure all responders receive a clear signal despite our hilly terrain.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.