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The Christmas Dragon comes to the rescue

A submission to the Free Press Christmas Writing Contest
Drawing submitted by Ayla Morey, Kindergarten, 100 Mile Elementary.

By Gwendoline Feissli

Christmas Story Contest winner

Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Snowflake. Snowflake was a very special ice dragon; he helped his mom pull Santa’s sleigh when the reindeer were sick. That Christmas, it snowed and the reindeer were all bundled up in their beds not feeling well. So, Santa came to Snowflake’s house. What a surprise when his mom answered the door.

“Well, hello Santa,” she said. “Shouldn’t you be with the elves getting ready for departure?”

“I should,” Santa replied. “However, I need your help. My reindeer are very sick. Could Snowflake and yourself pull my sleigh tonight?”

Snowflake’s eyes opened wide: “Can I really help?”

“Of course, you can Snowflake.”

“See you tonight, Snowflake!” stated Santa, before heading back to his workshop to help the elves get ready for departure.

The young dragon was sent for a nap, so he could rest and be full of energy for the upcoming long and exciting night. He groaned as he went to bed, not very happy about it, but also understanding the importance of his upcoming mission.

After a while, Snowflake woke up so fast, that he almost hit his mom.

“Sorry,” he stated embarrassed.

“It is fine sweety,” his mom said. “In fact, you were sleeping so deeply, that you did not realize that I brought you to the departure spot already.”

Snowflake looked around to find Santa’s sleigh packed and ready. His mom helped him into his harness before getting herself ready as well. If he was nervous, he did not show it and proudly took off when Santa with his big voice yelled “Fly.” They took off, leaving the North Pole behind them.

Santa took out a map of the world and studied it. Although he knew the route very well, he always checked it along the way to ensure no one would be missed.

“Let’s start with Greenland, then Iceland and Europe.”

The dragon headed toward Greenland, which was already visible. Snowflake followed his mom’s lead to the landing pad. He was impatient to continue and was hoping for a short stop. Santa used his finger to trace three distinct sections of the map which suddenly glowed.

“Now, we split the toy distribution,” smiled Santa, before handing out some huge bags to Snowflake and his mom. “Let’s meet back here when you are done. We have lots of places to go to and no time to linger around.”

Everyone was very focused on their tasks and before they knew it, they were already flying to their next destination. Snowflake was in charge of the distribution in many countries they visited. Everything went well until he got to his last house in Europe, and he realized he was missing a present! He retraced all his steps but did not find it.

During that time his mom was starting to get worried, so she went searching for him and found him on one of the small steps of a bridge.

“What’s wrong,” she asked him gently.

“I lost a present,” he answered. “And now, because of me, a little girl will not get what she wanted for Christmas.”

“Don’t say that, we will find it,” she answered. “I will call Santa. He knows where all the presents fall. It happens every year.”

Snowflake hugged his mom before the two went back to Mr. Claus, who was able to spot it right away. In no time, the present was retrieved and brought back to the right neighbourhood.

“Oh no,” said Snowflake. “I can see the first ray of sunlight.”

They headed to the house as fast as they could. Snowflake slipped down the chimney, and reached the Christmas tree as fast as possible, to put it down there, in a safe spot. As he left, he saw a pair of tiny eyes, peeking out from under the table. Snowflake moved closer to the table, curious. He knew that Santa and his helpers, cannot be seen by anyone. As he approached closer, he saw a young girl, with big blue eyes and long brown hair.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“My name is Holly,” she said.

“Can you really see me?” he asked as she nodded slowly.

“Where are your parents, Holly?”

“Upstairs,” she whispered. “They always say I am special, but they won’t tell me why. They say I will find out this Christmas, so I couldn’t go to bed and sleep. I was too excited to find out why!”

“That’s because you’re an elf! Come with me, and I will introduce you to Santa.”

All of a sudden, they hear a familiar “ho, ho, ho.” They turned towards the chimney and saw Mr. Claus.

“We have a couple of other gifts to deliver, and then will be heading back to the North Pole. It is time for you and your family to move there. The tradition is that my new elves will ride the sleigh with me. Are you up for this?”

The 10-year-old girl could not believe this, so she wanted to run up the stairs to wake up her parents, but as she turned towards the staircase, she noticed that both were just standing there proudly. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek, she left with Snowflake and Santa.

Holly climbed on the sleigh and they finished their Christmas tour without any other problems. When they got back to the North Pole, Holly and Santa went back to elf house, where her parents were waiting. Her eyes were full of wonder and happiness. When Snowflake went back home with his mom, she inquired:

“How did you like it?”

“It was the most magical thing I have ever done! I can’t wait for the next years!”

Gwendoline Feissli is 10 years old.

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