Summer is here, as Saskatoons are ready

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department members pitch in to do the annual cleanup at Fire Hall #2. This included clearing debris from the site and tidying the interior of the hall and storage shed.

Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department members pitch in to do the annual cleanup at Fire Hall #2. This included clearing debris from the site and tidying the interior of the hall and storage shed.

Dear Canimites:

Sunny summer has settled in, with long hot days followed by refreshingly cool evenings, while the land remains unusually green due to providential rains, all of which have brought the first Saskatoons to readiness.

High in the night sky above, the Summer Triangle reigns, cornered by the bright stars Vega (directly overhead), Deneb and Altair, alpha stars in the constellations Lyra, Cygnus and Aquila.

Very early risers (about 3:15 a.m.) will see Venus and Jupiter rise brightly in the blue-black of the eastern sky.


Hall #2 cleanup

Members of Hall #1 took a break from their weekly training to join their colleagues at Hall #2 for an annual cleanup.

Mowers, cutters and rakers got a good workout, while others cleared old debris from the site or tidied the interior of the fire hall and storage shed. The officers discussed plans for the completion of the hall’s interior.

Hall #2 was raised by the community for the former Canim Lake Volunteer Fire Department on the May 2007 long-weekend in an old-time work bee. Subsequently, the service became part of the Cariboo Regional District tax-based Forest Grove VFD. The operations are fully integrated with all members training together and responding to assist each other as required.



The Canim Lake’s Citizens on Patrol (COPS) group held its quarterly meeting recently.

Capt. Margo Wagner reported that so far $1,100 has been received from local residents in response to the request for financial support that was mailed out. A big thank-you is sent from the group for this support.

Randomly-timed patrols are taking place frequently in our area.  For more information, contact the RCMP in 100 Mile House at 250-395-2456 or Margo at 250-397-0016.


Bird news

The black terns have returned to nest at the mouth of Bridge Creek from their wintering grounds on the northern coast of South America.

We’re lucky to have these long haul travellers, as their numbers are in rapid decline across North America. One reason is they build their nests at the water’s edge on floating piles of vegetation a few centimeters high, making them vulnerable to swamping by boat wakes.

Please keep these vulnerable visitors in mind when boating near the bays at the Creek mouth.

Our own robin, the one who built nine nests under the carport until it found the right view, raised a brood of three. They fledged on July 9, leaping with the abandon of teenagers into their new life. Within an hour, they had disappeared, releasing the space to the Chevy for another year.


Caution advised

The South Canim Road is sloughing toward the lake in several places.

Interior Roads has marked these areas with cones, but the severity of the problem is increasing as the days go by. Residents suspect it is caused by water under the roadbed.  Watch for these spots, and also fallen boulders on the road at the quarry just west of the Howard Lake Rd.



The ‘Browse Clinton’ tour is on Aug. 7.

People very much enjoyed this trip last year, as the museum is very interesting and there are antique stores with fascinating collections of old tools and artifacts.

There’s a note here that says “Men welcome!” Maybe the women don’t fully realize the dangers of setting us free in such a land of opportunity.

Lunch will be at the Cariboo Lodge. Call Jean Reynolds at 250-397-2773 for details.

Organizers of this tour are looking into the possibility of continuing on to Ashcroft for a museum and mine visit.

That’s all for now. Please keep me informed of your family events. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.