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Spooky ways to learn and have fun on Halloween

Halloween is a good time of year to enhance family literacy skills

Halloween isn't just about dressing up and eating candy; it also provides fun opportunities to learn.

Embracing the literacy activities already happening in your life makes it so much easier to ensure your family is getting 15 minutes of learning experiences a day.

ABC Life Literacy Canada reminds families to practise literacy skills at Halloween with some fun literacy tips, tricks and treats:

• Tell ghost stories on Halloween night. Make up your own stories or read a classic scary book together.

• Organize Halloween candy in different ways. Organize by shape, size, candy name, or even candy type, and then trade. This activity helps to reinforce basic math along with association and matching skills.

• Bake a pumpkin pie. Following recipes is a great way to improve both reading and math skills. Children can read the instructions out loud to help measure the ingredients when making a treat for the family.

• Research the history of Halloween, and share spooky statistics.

Literacy benefits the entire family and is constantly happening in our daily lives. From writing a grocery list to surfing the Internet to reading the newspaper, learning happens in many ways all year round.