Safer ice depth on Lac des Roches

A lot of fun visiting and feature during new year's celebrations

Vacationing from Edmonton

Vacationing from Edmonton

During the holidays, the ice on the big lake was reported to range between six and eight inches.

Sub-zero temperatures have contributed to the thickening of the ice, which now exceeds 12 inches – much safer for the many ATV’s and snowmobiles that have been enjoying the lake this winter.


Block party

Thanks go out to Steve and Kelly Raby for hosting a wonderful New Year’s Eve party for all the neighbours.

Their potluck, open house-style party gives all our age groups an opportunity to enjoy the merriment and home-baked goodies. Those able to stay up until midnight enjoyed a colourful and loud firework display. Mild weather conditions allowed residents to use all modes of transportation to and from the lakeside party, which explained the line of snowmobiles and ATV’s parked along the shore.


Ice divers

In a few days, Luca Lanzoni of the Lac des Roches Resort will once again play host to more than a dozen underwater divers from both the United States Coast Guard and the Canadian Navy, which find Little Lac des Roches ideal for their week-long winter training exercise.

A large tent erected on the ice will protect the divers and their equipment from the elements, as they enter and exit the frigid waters though a large hole they will cut in the ice.


Warm woollen mittens

If you lost one of Julie Andrew’s “favourite things” on the lake, you’ll be happy to hear they were found and are now with this writer – phone to identify and collect.


Counting birds

Wendy Marshall reports the Christmas Bird Count was a tremendous success for the 11 observers.

The group recorded 19 species on the count day and will add to that additional species observed for the three days on each side of the count day. A Northern Hawk Owl was “rather special” and a pleasant surprise as everyone was able to get a good look at him and confirm the identification.

Data from the Interlakes area will be added to information collected from all over the world for this important wildlife initiative.


Enjoying back country

Sledding conditions on the trails to the north of Lac des Roches have improved considerably since the Christmas holidays.

Trail and cut blocks are now blanketed with several metres of snow. Sledders can expect to find trees that require some cutting on the wooded routes, as dead pines continue to come down from snow and wind.

Cow Camp is proving to be a very pleasant warming hut and thanks go out to all those who are keeping it clean and aiding with the apparent eradication of pack rats.


Rural watch

Reports of theft and vandalism at Bridge Lake have local residents taking note of all unfamiliar vehicular traffic and different activity throughout the Lac des Roches neighbourhoods.

With increased diligence and reporting anything suspicious, we should be able to keep our area safe and secure.


Think safety

Fast travelling news of overdue sledders in early January was a startling reminder of how care must be taken to communicate excursion plans and to be prepared for incidents on the trail.

With improved cellular coverage in the area, it is hoped back-country users will now take their phones with them for safety reasons.


Sparse sightings

A pair of coyotes hunting near Rock Island gave some visitors a bit of a show during the holidays, but otherwise, only fresh coyote and deer tracks have been noted.

If they are moving during the day, otters will be easy to spot against the white ice and snow.